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Information about the course

In resin art, there are no limits to the artist. You can crete artistically decorated earrings as well as individual home decor items and XXL murals. And if you want to learn Resin Art then you've come to the right place.

The course is aimed at everyone, from beginners to advanced. Basic knowledge of resin art is therefore not necessary.

In numerous videos on a closed Instagram account, everything is explained step by step in words and pictures in English.

The length of the course depends entirely on you. You can watch the videos as often and as long as you want. If you have any questions, I am of course always available and will answer you promptly.

The material is not included in the course price. However, in the account you will find a material list with recommendations including discount codes for various countries.

More information about the course

With resin art, numerous effects are possible through various techniques and materials - from web effect, soft effect or marble look to elaborate three-dimensional color explosions, mandalas or romantic bouquet of flowers.
Countless pigments, gold or silver leaf, glitter, Dried flowers or self-collected shells from your favorite holiday can become a highlight in every home and be cast in epoxy resin for eternity.
Look forward to creative time and individual, self-designed coasters, bowls or trays for your home.

course content

What can you expect from my course?

Subdivided into categories, you will receive all the information, tricks and secrets on the following topics:

Basics: Resin, silicone molds, pigments and the different types of paint, safety, correct weighing and mixing of resin, removing bubbles and a lot more.

Materials: Which materials are "must haves" and which are "nice to have"? Of course, including many brand recommendations and discount codes for different countries.

Soft Effect: How do you achieve the Soft Effect? Which resin and which colors should you use and what tricks are there? Various color combinations are explained in numerous videos.

Web Effect: Which resin art is the best for the web effect and which pigments are possible? What is the best timing and temperature? There are many secrets....

Mandala: How to make the perfect resin mandala? Which colors and which resin fit best and especially which color for mandala painting? 

Quality: Why are my bowls shinier than the bowls or most other Resin Artists? How do you achieve great quality in your artworks? Everything you need to know about the perfect surface, edges and other quality factors.

Shaping: How do you shape small bowls, large bowls, curved bowls or, of course, cake stands? What should you consider concerning timing and what are the tricks?

Flowers: From the meadow straight into the resin. How do you make unique art works  from your flowers and grasses. I'll show you every step from drying to pouring to the perfect result.

3D Techniques: 3D techniques only work with premium resin? No, that is not correct. I'll show you how my 3D stripe technique works without expensive resin.

Floating gold: From fine golden lines or eccentric golden details to the finest golden sprinkles, everything is possible with the right floating gold technique.

And of course you will find numerous other videos on various topics such as rainbow ornaments, artworks with alcohol inks, drop in tints, glitter trays and much more.