All products are handmade or hand-finished and designed by me with a lot of love.

Product and care instructions

My items are mostly made of resin or epoxy resin.
I only use German quality resins. Epoxy resins consist of a two-component system (resin and hardener). Put simply, mixing the two components creates a chemical reaction that hardens the resin. This is not glass.

Please note:

Each individual piece is unique, which is why color variations and patterns may vary.

Resin always does what it wants and rarely what the artist wants :)

As with anything handmade, small imperfections can appear in the pieces, this is no reason for Complaint.

Small air bubbles, protruding particles or small streaks on the surface are normal. It is not glass, the surface is not mirror-smooth.

The items are heat-resistant up to approx. 70 degrees.

To make sure that everything stays perfect....

The products are not suitable for the dishwasher, oven or microwave.

The items are not food safe.

Please only polish with a (damp) microfibre cloth, do not use abrasive and aggressive cleaning agents.

Please do not use as a cutting board. The mArticles are not scratch-resistant.

Please keep away from small children and store as flat as possible. Although the edges are ground, there may still be sharper areas.

The backs always look completely different than the front.

Please protect the items from direct or excessive sunlight

The painted edges may fade if used improperly